ISB Cross Country

The ISB Cross Country Team - Fall 2007

The cross country team is for both boys and girls in the 7th thru the 12th grades.  They have 4 coaches - one for the boys, one for the girls, one for sprint training, and one for weight training.  In the team photo above, Alex is in the front row second from the left (in his sports goggles!).  This is the photo taken for use in the yearbook - then just like everywhere, no matter how old they are, they have to do the silly photo!

Just for fun - these kids come from all these nationalities - British, American, Dutch, French, Japanese, Israeli, Canadian, and German.  They compete in the ISST conference (International Schools Sports Tournament) and the DoDDs conference (Department of Defense).  Travel this year was mostly to Germany, with several meets around the Brussels area, and the final big ISST competition in Paris (see Cross Country ISST Tournament for more on that!).  Alex is one of 4 7th graders on the team (one girl and 3 boys) and they do very well for themselves with the older kids!

Here's one of just the boys - it's not quite all of them.

These guys are all JV (but not all the JV boys...) - meaning 7th, 8th, or 9th graders.  This particular meet was here in Brussels at a nearby castle and it was on a very rainy, rainy day!

This is the start of the race on that same rainy day!

And here is the castle - Chateau de la Hulpe - that was the site of the run that day.

It was so wet that day that Alex's glasses would not stay on his face - good thing they came with a strap!

Here is Alex coming to the finish line at Weisbaden - the next photo too!

At the ISB Homecoming meet, Amanda and Casey played around during the race, getting ready to watch the football game (yes, we have a football team - actually an American one and then several that are called football here but we know them as soccer!).

Here is Alex coming in from the forest at ISB

And then making his way to the finish line...

What determination!