E is for...


Main highways were all named with an "E" - you can see the E411, the E40, and the E19 all on this sign.  The E411 was very near our house and was our starting point to get to all places away from Brussels!


This street, called Esdoornanlaan, was just a couple over from our street and was one of the ways to get down to Hoeilaart and then on to school.  It has these strange traffic control devices along it - you must swerve around one and then the other, taking turns with cars coming from the other direction.  The street is not that long and there are 5 set of these along it's length - they really want you to slow down when you travel through here!

Here we are waiting our turn - the other two cars over there are parked on the side of the road so we get to go next.


Another part of our day to day life - the euro.  We learned to really like the different sizes and colors of the different bills - it makes it much easier to pull the one you want out of your wallet!  Bills start with the 5 euro, coins go from 1 euro cent to 2 euros.

F is for...