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Underground Cafe

Underground Cafe is a fantastic program at ISB in the middle/high school cafeteria.  Every Wednesday a group of parents comes in to the school and takes over the cooking job from the kitchen staff (they still cleaned up, so that made it even better!).  Pizza was brought in, sandwiches were made, salads, fruit cups, cakes, and so much more.  And at least once a month, the parents from a cultural group would come in and cook specialties from their cultures (Korean, Chinese, Indian, Dutch, and much more fabulous food!).  The best part was spending the day with friends and making/serving the food for the very appreciative kids and then sitting down after and eating our lunches together from what is left.  Sadly, no pictures of it, but it had to be included!


An extremely common site in Belgium - public urination!  Since medieval times, the churches have had urinals on the outside walls (it was an effort to get the men to use a spot instead of just going anywhere - it's nice to keep things clean...),

BUT, we found that some men still would stop and go just about anywhere.  This gentleman was in a traffic jam (as was Sonya) and he needed to go, so he just got out of his truck and did his business on the side of the road (Sonya is still in her car in the traffic...no she didn't use zoom...).  It was an interesting adjustment to get used to this!

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