V is for...

Van 't Park Abbaye

This abbey (we do love to visit them!) is in Heverlee, near Leuven.  It is a working abbey - honey being one of it's main products.  The day we went they were also having a market just in front of the abbey - we had some of the best grapes ever that day!


Our favorite abbey!

Vlaams Brabant Championship

This woodsman competition was being held near our home in Hoeilaart so we decided to go see what it was all about - it was very interesting!  There were several chopping and cutting competitions and a race where each competitor had to complete 5 different events in the fastest time. 

It really was fun to watch!


Our street - Vliertjeslaan - this is looking down the street from in front of our house.

And this was our house - it has a garage on the side and a huge yard!

Our house - in the middle of the street.  Our house...

W is for...