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Tapis de Fleur

Every two years, the Grand Place is covered in begonias!  Thousands of begonia flowers are put together to form a carpet (there's always a theme!) that is on display for 3 days in August.

You can view the flower carpet from the balcony of the Hotel de Ville and tour inside as well - very cool!


Taverns are all over - this one is on the Brusselsesteenweg in Overijse - we always had a laugh looking at the name when we drove past!

This one is in Hoeilaart - we drove past it nearly daily - and always laughed because it is a youth center and a tavern...  Or is it a tavern like place for kids??..  We never figured it out...


Technopolis is a science center north of Brussels - the kids loved going there and playing!  Amanda loved the van de Graff generator...


The Adventures of Tin-Tin - a famous comic strip by Belgian Herge (Georges Remi) - there is a comic strip walk thru the city with this picture.  The kids all read the comics in French class at school and we are now the proud owners of several of them!


This is Andree Jacquet - the Belgian tour guide I was told to find before we moved over to Brussels (a friend in Colorado had lived in Brussels before and said taking tours with Andree is a must!).  I am so glad I found her!  She gives amazing tours all over the city to so many places!  Above we are at the Little Beguinage...

And here on a different day we are in the Senate room of the Belgian Parliament!  Great day trips!!  Thanks Andree - anyone who has a chance should take her tours!

Traffic Signs

Traffic signs - is it possible to have too much information in a small space that you are expected to read while driving??!!  Well, this one is easy compared to a lot of others!

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