S is for...


Scrapbooking at the American Women's Club - what a great way to spend a Friday!!  Every Friday she could Sonya made it over to the club to spend the day with a bunch of fantastic women who shared the same hobby.  She looked forward to it all week!

Great talks, great laughs, great times!

We were very serious about our work though...

Miss you very much ladies!


The Netherlands tradition of Sinterklaus and Black Pete - nothing like terrorizing the kids to make them be good!  Casey is getting a present from Sinterklaus.


The Smurfs were created in 1958 by Belgian cartoonist Pierre Culliford - betcha didn't know they are Belgian!


Another Belgian tradition - the spicy shortbread cookie called speculoos!  Flat, crunchy, and tasty, these cookies are great!  Dandoy are considered the best (above), but after trying many kinds we actually preferred the DelHaize brand (below).  They make a magnificent substitute for graham cracker crumbs in dessert crusts!

There are many, many brands of this cookie! All of these are speculoos.

Strepy Bracquegnies

These canal lifts are no longer in use (a new commercial canal with faster and bigger lifts has been built), but you can take a boat ride to get the experience and learn about the amazing feat of engineering they were in their day!

St. Michaels Cathedral

St. Michaels is the main cathedral downtown - the royal weddings and all take place here as well as regular services.  It is a beautiful building!


Hidden away in the Foret de Soignes (just off Vorstlaan!) is this little structure like a small Stonehenge - too cute!

T is for...