The Coliseum was one of our very favorite spots to visit in Rome!  Built by Vespasian from 72-80 A.D., it was the original sports stadium - spectators (usually around 65,000 for each showing) could get inside and be seated quickly thru the 80 numbered entrance arches.  There were elevators and ramps below the stadium floor that allowed for quick changes between acts to keep the entertainment flowing.  Entrance was free - tickets were given out in advance at no charge to people of all social levels, including slaves.  Seating once inside was done by status, with the leadership down at floor level and slaves all the way at the top in the standing room only section.  As we walked around the inside, we saw this one "lion" start to come out onto the stadium floor - we joked that a show was about to start!  The kids thought the "lion" was very cool, so we have to tell everyone about it!