Arlon Archeological Museum

After we had a nice lunch at Orval (had some great cheese!! - Amanda says it's the best we have had in Belgium so far!), we go into the car to drive to Arlon - another town with a nice museum we wanted to see.  On the way we passed this little cemetery from World War I - a decisive battle was fought here between the French and the Germans.  As you can see there were many lives lost.  We couldn't find much information on the battle itself after we got home, but I can tell you that the French won that day.

Then we continued on our way to Arlon to the the archeological museum there.  Back when the Roman Empire was at it's prime, it extended all the way up here and this museum is dedicated to the items found that commemorate that time, so we got our first taste of Roman sculptures, statues, and other art.  Some of the things here date back well into the 1st through 3rd centuries - it's amazing that it has all lasted so long.