Trier, Germany

5th Grade Trip

Casey's 5th grade trip with her class at ISB - her last week long field trip before we move back to Illinois - she is certainly ready to go!

Casey, Reggie, and Babette head to the bus to get the trip started.

Wonder what they are taking pictures of... 

Nick, Rhiannon, Mia, Babette, Grace, and Casey

Casey's class (5Co) at Porta Nigra

ISB 5th Grade

5th grade goes up a hill to look out over Trier

Listening to the guide at Imperial Baths (Casey is standing with a red hat on)

Porta Nigra

Listening at the Imperial Baths - Casey is at the back in her red hat, next to Vilde in her blue hat

Mrs. Cook talks to her class while they sketch the Ampitheater - Casey is at front right, still wearing her red hat

Porta Nigra (and the back of Babette's head!)

5Co on Constantine's foot in front of the Archaeological Museum (Casey is still in her red hat sitting on the toes of the foot)

Fountain in the town square where they ate lunch every day

5Co at the Archaeological Museum

An original Roman bridge - most of it is really, really old

Casey and Babette advertising their location

From the top of the hill overlooking Trier

Ms. Marsh explains how they HAVE to go to bed now - Casey is right by Ms. Marsh

Casey concentrates at the Ampitheater

Hans tells the class about a pillar in front of St Peter's Cathedral and Church of Our Lady

5Co listens to Hans inside the Basilika, which is Constantine's throne room

5Co Girls

front - Zazie, Babette, Marina, Josephine, Bruna, Vilde, Mia

back - Grace, Reggie, Lindsay, Rhiannon, and Casey

Grace and Casey perform during the Toga Night/Party

Grace is Penelope's mother and Casey is the god of the sun - Casey is getting in trouble for not being agreeable

Trier from the hill

Imperial Baths

Imperial Baths

The Ampitheater

Constantine's foot

Someone's gravestone at the Archaeological Museum

Mosaics at the Archaeological Museum

5Co Girls again!

Porta Nigra

Porta Nigra

Some free time at the hostel - Casey swings!

Teeter Totter - who's heavier, the boys or the girls.  Boys are!

Casey claps in her yellow outfit

Then some quiet time in the sandbox with Reggie - Casey and Reggie take a break during a great trip.

Now it's time to head back to ISB and finish up the school year.