7th Grade to Brittany, France

Each year, the 7th grade (that would be Alex) goes to the Brittany Region of France for 5 days.  Our kids headed off in early June for their focus on science this year.  This is the beach near the youth hostel where they stayed.

The went to a nature preserve and took a long hike...

I think Alex really like the hike, especially this part...

They did some research in the tide pools

They also visited an Oyster Farm!

That's a lot of oysters!  Ask Alex how to farm an oyster - he can tell you!

This is the hostel they stayed in for the week.

They also visited an aquarium - Alex really liked it but the camera he took didn't work too well in the dark rooms

They went to Mont St Michel, did a road rally, and lots more too.  You'll have to ask Alex to get more details!  The only thing I could get him to tell me was to write "It was really fun" under every picture!