Bowling in Brugge

Well, it seems like each time we go somewhere in Belgium for fall break, we end up with a rainy evening in a town that starts with a "B" (Bastogne last year...) and there is a bowling alley nearby, so here we go bowling again!  You can see by our scores that we are not so great at this sport (although Sonya did have a nice first game this year....).  The music at the alley was all US 80's stuff - we heard Meatloaf, Phil Collins, Madonna, and lots of others - kind of weird with all the really old stuff we have been seeing!

Casey shows her style!

Alex is cool and collected.

Amanda tried lots of different things!

Sonya takes her turn.

Curt gives it a try.

Note the scores here at the end of game 1 - Sonya does not often beat Curt at games, so we are making special mention of this score.  See that she has 4 strikes in the game.  He did finish with two, but that just wasn't enough...

But then he came back in the second game, when we all played so well (note the sarcasm there!).