Kantcentrum means Lace Center - kant is the fine lace made in Brugge.  These ladies demonstrate lace making each afternoon at the Kantcentrum - it was fascinating to watch them move all those little spindles about so quickly!  Where are the knots, how can they throw the spindles so quickly from one place to the next, how do they know which pin to move and which spindles to throw?  It really is a science, so it fascinated us and we watched for a while.  Then we went over to the Lace Museum to see some final products from over time.

This last one had all 5 of stopping to look - it is amazingly similar to hankies that my Grandma Kay made for all of us over her years!  This is smaller threads and she didn't make lace, but the similarities are apparent to all of you who have seen Grandma's work.