Belfort and Halle

The Belfort and Halle are at the heart of the city and are very impressive.  The tower was built in the 13th century, with the corner turrets being added in the 14th.  Laws used to be proclaimed from the balcony above the entrance porch.  The tower is about 300 feet high (88 metres) and there are 366 steps that lead you to the top (yes, we counted, but it also tells you in all the books - we had to see if they were right!).  There is a 47 bell carillon that chimes every quarter hour and has concerts on a schedule (we were lucky enough to hear one!).  There is also the treasury room - now a museum, but then it held important town documents and valuables.  The views, even on an overcast day, are beautiful!

This is the Church of Our Lady - see it's page!

This is the City Hall and Burg

These are the stairs - they were even skinnier at the top!

Alex and Amanda take a break on the way down.

This is an early carillon keyboard that is in the treasury museum.