Around the Town

These pictures show the section of Brugge called Burg - the home to the City Hall and other important buildings.  Brugge is in Flanders, so I will try to use Flemish names as often as I can for things.

We just liked this building - don't know what it is or anything about it, but it's really interesting!

Casey, Alex, Amanda, and Curt ready to go get some chocolates!

Brugge is sometimes called the Venice of the North since it has so many canals - they are beautiful!

Above is the Church of Our Lady spire

This tower is the Belfort

Brugge is also famous for it's swans - they are all over the canals.

This is a shot from the Burg looking toward the Belfry - a famous Brugge site that you will see more of on another page.

This building is the post office on the Markt.  Yes, I spelled that right...  The Belfry is just to the right of here.

And these little figurines are made of chocolate!