Fourth Grade goes to PGL in France

This year's 4th Grade week long field trip took place in the fall instead of the spring.  This is because they go to a team building camp called PGL (which I hear the kids say means parents get lost...) in France.  So Casey packed up and went away for a fun filled and action packed week!  Here's a look at some of what she did -

Ready to go early on a Monday morning.

She gets to sit on the top deck of the big double-decker bus for the 7 hour ride to camp!

Here's her group at camp - she's in the front towards the left in pink.

Time with friends was one of the highlights.

But these activities were amazing!

That's not Casey, but doesn't it look fun?

No, she wouldn't try the snails...

That's not Casey on those tree steps, but isn't it cool!

Ring that bell, girl!

Casey had an excellent time - ask her about it when you see her!