Sixth Grade Goes to Florence, Italy

Casey had only been home a week before Alex was off!  The big trip in elementary school is for 6th grade - they get to go all the way to Florence, Italy!  They do a study of the Renaissance and all it's artists and other figures and how it changed the course of history and then head off to see the actual place where a great deal of it happened - what a cool field trip!  They leave on a Saturday and take a bus to Paris, where they then catch the night train to Florence (sleeping berths and everything!) and they arrive in Florence on Sunday.  They check into their hotels (yes, they stay in real hotels - each class in a different one) and then head out to start learning.  In 6th grade, each student is responsible for learning about a specific topic, which they then do a presentation about when they arrive at the appropriate place in Florence.  Alex got to do his on Leonardo DaVinci the inventor, so he worked and prepared to be ready.  Each class goes around during the day on it's own, then they meet up in the evening for dinners (there are 5 classes).  After 5 days in Florence they head back to the trains for another night trip back to Paris to catch the bus back to school.  Please ask Alex for details - he learned so much and is eager to tell people.  He took a bunch of these pictures himself with disposable cameras - the rest were on the school website or taken by me before or after the trip.  Enjoy!

Getting ready to go at school

Off the bus and onto the train in Paris


6L poses for pics - Alex is in blue in the back

Alex's sketch - it was one of the few they took pictures of and posted on the school website!

Home at last - he grew an inch!  Actually, he really did...