Third Grade Goes to the Belgian Coast

Each year, ISB takes week long (5-7 day) trips with each grade 3 thru 9 - Third Grade always goes to the Belgian Coast after doing a study of sea life and coasts.  It is always tied to the curriculum, so there is a lot of studying involved, but it sure is a lot of fun for the kids as well!  Casey's class prepared for several weeks, learning all about coast lines and sea life and birds.  They drove there on the first day and then spent the afternoon at the beach doing various studies (along with quite a bit of playing...).  One day they went to a bird sanctuary called the Zwin, another day was a trip to Earth Explorer.  After the work was done they got to spend one day at an amusement park designed for 8-10 year olds!  It's called Plopsaland and they had an absolute blast there.  Casey did have one small incident when a bar on a roller coaster popped up unexpectedly and hit her mouth, breaking the bottom edge off one of her top, middle, permanent teeth!  She is all repaired now (no damage other than cosmetic) and went on to have a great time for the rest of the day after she was checked out by the medical staff at the park.  I am going to put a whole bunch of pictures here - the school posts them to it's website while the kids are gone so you can see what they are up to wherever they are, so I was able to get these from there along with taking a few myself on both ends of the trip.  Ask Casey to tell you about her big week away!

Off we go!

3BQ Ready to get on the buses

Discovering how far down you have to dig to get to water

Casey's in the pink hat

Journal writing time with Hannah and Mia

Casey, Hannah and Naomi ready for room inspection

Guess which kid is the only one wearing shorts??!!

Cute!  Casey feet are in dark blue boots!

Casey was one of the only ones to find a special clam that cannot close all the way - here it is!

3BQ at the salt marshes

The best ride at the amusement park

How'd you get all wet??!!

Nice tooth - who's your dentist??!!

Casey and friends with Mrs. Zeiders (the head of the elementary school)

Casey and her friends play at the hostel

This is the ride that broke the tooth - didn't stop her though!

Casey and Naomi

3BQ after a hard day at the amusement park

Home at last - see my boots?

Calling Daddy to tell him I'm home

Ready to go home to eat lunch and rest up - it was a great trip!