First Day of School in Naperville

Another year, another new school - Alex is now starting his sophomore year at Neuqua Valley.

Alex does everything he can to get out of pictures...

C'mon Mom, really??


Alex rode his bike to school on the first day

And there he goes to be a sophomore.

Alex doesn't care for this picture - he thinks he looks fake.  Take note of the stitches just under the curve of his chin though - he crashed his bike over by the school a few days before the year started and had to go in and be tended to by the nurse before he ever even started classes.  She was great and took care of him and then called me to let me know he was on his way home and would need to go get stitches.  Interesting way to start things off at school!

Casey is now a 7th grader at Crone

She tolerates the pictures more than her brother...

Wow, that hair is long!

All set to walk to the bus stop

And there she goes, off to 7th grade!

Casey's 7th Grade School Picture

Amanda started school at the U of I today also, but we don't have any pictures.  She's starting her second year there and is doing awesome!