Visit from Denoy and Lisa

In late January, Denoy and Lisa came to visit from their house in Nebraska - we had a bit of a late Christmas and Denoy got...

The You Might Be A Redneck If...   Game!

Casey, Denoy and Alex check it out

Denoy shows off his new game (and is wearing a t-shirt we got him a while back too - they don't laugh at Rudolph any more!)

Denoy also brought pheasants that he had killed in South Dakota during his annual trip to hunt there.

He's teaching Alex how to clean this one up to get it ready to cook.

Casey and Aunt Lisa work hard while the boys do the cooking in the kitchen!

Denoy and Alex work hard to make us dinner

Denoy cut the pheasant up into little bite size pieces and fried it

And during a break in the cooking, Alex and Denoy decide to dance in the kitchen.  Wonder who's leading?!

Denoy and Lisa had found some of the throwback Pepsi and brought it along, so we decided to do a blind taste test to see if we could tell the difference.

Casey, Lisa, Denoy, and Alex get mentally prepared for the challenge ahead.

And now for the tasting...  Denoy and Sonya could tell them apart, but no one else could!

That's what happens when you grow up drinking Pepsi as your main drink...