On Christmas Eve

Sonya and Casey

Time to read our traditional stories -

Casey, Sonya, Alex

Amanda, Casey, Sonya, Alex

Amanda, Sonya, Casey

Curt plays the part of the Grinch with a little help from Casey

Casey left a message for Santa

Amanda and Alex

Casey, Alex, and Amanda gets snacks ready for Santa and the reindeer

Amanda sneaks up on the treats...

Casey steals a cookie!

And now it's Christmas morning!

Curt, Amanda, Alex, and Casey

Alex has his robe and a poster of the periodic table

Amanda got a poster of Einstein!  And bananagrams and some Rubik games and a math calendar...

Casey got some new clothes for her dolls

And then we drive to Springfield for more celebrations

Don't Amanda, Casey, and Alex look excited!

Alex does some juggling at Grandma and Grandpa's house

It's a good thing they have high ceilings!

Casey does some drawing

Having fun with Bananagrams!

Casey and Amanda

Sonya and Alex


Merry Christmas everyone!