Overijse to Illinois

It's time to move again!

We'll take the suitcases with us, the rest is sorted to be packed in an early delivery group and a group to be delivered when our house is finished being built.

The movers started packing on a Thursday, did more on Friday, we moved into the hotel on Sunday, they packed more on Monday, then brought this truck on Tuesday to load it all up...

The living room...

More in the living room

The master bedroom

Casey's bedroom plus stuff from the storage closet

Amanda's bedroom

The upstairs hall

The downstairs office

The garage

They used this lift to remove all our belongings from upstairs - not a single box or piece of furniture was carried down the stairs, it all came out through the office window!

And now it's time to close the truck...

Good-bye to all our stuff - we hope to see you in early October - that's when our house is supposed to be finished!

A couple of weeks in the hotel while school finishes for Alex and Casey, then it's on the plane to Peoria!