ISB Graduation

ISB held graduation for it's seniors on the evening of June 5, 2009

Amanda's big day - she even agreed to pictures in the backyard before we went over to school!

Our graduate!

Amanda on the steps of the Chateau

Siblings celebrate - Casey, Amanda, and Alex

Casey had just, really just, returned from her week long trip to Trier, Germany.  We took her dress and dinner to school for her so she could eat and change and be ready for graduation right after we met her bus!

Curt, Amanda, and Sonya

Amanda receives her high school diploma from Mr. Bartlett while Dr. Kotenan watches

Our family after the ceremony - Curt, Alex, Casey, Amanda, and Sonya

Every year the graduating class does something around campus to mark the end of their time at ISB.  Usually it's some kind of practical joke or gimmick to get them remembered or something fairly trivial, but this year's class did something that made even our director, Mr. Bartlett, take note and even read the email he received from the class to tell what they had done.  The above picture is of the entrance to the school, the kids tied their shoes to a line that usually holds banners announcing different events coming up on campus and then sent the email to explain - they said that these shoes represent their time and memories at ISB, that these shoes took them down the halls, to their classes, to their sporting or music or other extra activities and they hang them here in memory of all those great times and to thank the school for giving them the opportunity to have all of that!

Lots of pictures of Amanda with her friends and teachers...

The school gave all the girls a rose for graduation

This is Amanda's physics teacher - Amanda had Mrs. Peeters for 3 years of physics and she was Amanda's advisor for her extended essay

With her English teacher, Mr. Phillips

Mr. Fielding was Amanda's algebra II/trig teacher in 10th grade and her junior math team coach as well - he's a wacky and fun guy!

Continuing debates with Mr. Binns, her history teacher - the two of them loved to talk about just about anything!

With the director of our school, Mr. Bartlett

Congratulations Amanda!  You did an absolutely amazing job in high school and we wish you just as much success and fun at university!