ISB High School Awards Ceremony

The day before graduation, the high school recognizes the great academic achievements of it's graduating class - and this year that is Amanda's class!

Amanda proceeds in with her class to take her place at the front of the gym

Amanda smiles at her dad while we all wait for the ceremony to begin

This is Mr. Bartlett - director of our school and this year's interim head of the high school as well.  He will be the master of this ceremony today.

Mr. Simon Bishop, representing the math department since Mr. Krieckhaus could not be there, talks about the student who will receive this year's Math Award...

Mr. Bishop presents that award to our Amanda!  She received high praise, a certificate, and a book for all her hard work in math while at ISB.

Mr. Bishop spoke very highly of Amanda!

And later it was time for the Faculty Award - presented to the one or two students whom the faculty feel most embody the spirit and meaning of the school and give it their all every day.  Dr. Steven Kotenan presented the award this year to two students, one of whom is Amanda!  She is highly respected by her teachers as a leader in the school!

And then, after a long list of awards to very deserving students, Mr. Bartlett has a bit of fun with Alex - member of the senior class, respected by the school but also a class clown.  After some stories of their encounters over the year, the pie headed towards Alex's face while he cringed like crazy, only to land carefully in his lap (right side up!) as Mr. Bartlett handed him a fork.  Just a little fun along the way to graduation!

Way to go Amanda - we are so very proud of you and all your accomplishments and know you will only continue to add to the list of what makes you the special you that you are!  Keep it up baby!