Amanda's Senior Prom

Prom at ISB is held downtown at the Metropolitan Hotel - most of the kids go, some as dates but mostly just to have a fun night with their entire class.  This year we convinced Amanda that she should go with some of her friends - so here we are getting her ready for the evening.

Amanda decided to have a French braid in her hair, so Sonya put one in.  Casey asked if she could take pictures, so we have about 40 of Amanda getting ready to go but you will only find a few of those here!

Amanda sitting very lady-like in her dress while Sonya fixes her hair...

She looks like she might be ready for a fun night!

Amanda's French braid

Amanda arriving at her friend's house - we were taking the girls to the hotel and Pia's parents were bringing them home after Prom.

Pia and Amanda ready to go to Prom - they look fantastic!  In a few weeks these two will go to the Paris Air Show together and I think both of them will be more comfortable there!

ISB is fantastic about taking pictures at events and posting them for everyone.  And yes, that is wine and beer on the tables as that is perfectly acceptable here.  Most of the kids can't drive anyway so parents will be picking up or they will take public transport

Amanda is on the very right edge of this shot, next to the girl in the yellow dress.

All the kids posed for pictures (however many they wanted with whoever they wanted) when they arrived at the hotel - this is Amanda, Miles, and Zoe ready for a great evening!

Amanda did have fun and is glad she went, but no one will be surprised to hear that it wasn't the most fabulous night of her life!