The Demise of Amanda's Guy

Here they are - Amanda's guys!  In 8th grade geometry each student had to make a scale model of a real object up to 10 times bigger or smaller than the original.  Amanda chose this bathtub toy that she had named Guy when she was really, really little.  So we ended up with a 3 foot tall (or so) bathtub toy!

You can see how much she likes her guys - so much so that after being created in Colorado Guy had to move with us to Brussels!  He fit perfectly into the foot space of a desk so that worked out fine and he got to come along.

Guy stayed with us until high school graduation, which happened to coincide with our move back to Illinois and a need to clean out some of our stuff.  Guy was really starting to get beat up so Amanda reluctantly decided it was time for him to go....

Only she could take him apart - no one else was allowed to help her out with it.  It was a tough day for both Amanda and Guy...

The final result - we thought about doing a chalk outline and starting an investigation into what had happened to him, but since we had watched Amanda take him apart we knew what had happened to poor, poor Guy!

We miss you Guy!!!!