What Alex Can Do in One Weekend...

Sonya has taken a Friday day trip downtown for a tour of the ruins of the original Royal Palace - on the way home from that she gets a call from the school nurse.  Seems Alex was playing basketball at break time, in his regular glasses, when he and another boy crashed into each other pretty hard.  Alex's glasses and face took the brunt of the collision.  I stopped by school to repair the glasses (yes, I keep the tools with me ALL the time!) and check out his head.  He was going to be just fine, but over the next day or so his black eye really came out!

Then on Saturday, Alex was taking a 50 mile bike ride with the boy scout troop.  They left early in the morning for a whole day of biking, but Sonya gets a call AGAIN after they had only been gone about 2 and a half hours...  Alex has crashed his bike while pushing up an incline - the pedal actually came off the bike - and his first point of contact with the ground is his knee.  The dads on the trip fixed the bike and the moms on the trip took care of the knee (so well in fact that the doctor commented on what a great job had been done!  She actually said it was just "perfect"), but the vertical gash in his knee was more than he could go on with and needed to be checked by the doctor.  Fortunately stitches were not needed, but the healing process will be long!

All this in just two days...  We decided to have him take a page from a good book and he rested on Sunday!