Alex Shoots Hoops - 2008-2009 Season

Basketball season has come!  Alex couldn't be more excited and Curt gets to be the coach of the Middle School team at ISB as well - so they will spend the season together!  There's a great group of 13 boys on the team this year and it's been a really great time!

Masato, Nick, Alex S., Felix, Garrett, Izzet, Rankin, Coach Curt

Rintaro, Thomas, Tyler, Suni, Alex I., Daichi

The U14 Boys do a cheer for the U14 girls during their game in Frankfurt

Alex drops the shoulder and drives

Curt coaching, Thomas waiting to go in

Alex goes for a lay up against St John's

Alex has another lay-up against St John's

Curt gets some coaching in during a time out

Hey guys, look - what is it?  A bird, a plane?

ISB Raiders!

Alex drops that shoulder again

Going for the shot against Luxembourg

Alex passes back out to Tyler

An eye on the basket again...

Up in the air against the American School of the Hague

Ready to inbounds

Driving the baseline

Will he shoot or will he pass??

Up in the air again, but why is he facing that way?

I don't think I can shoot from here...

This works better!

Nice save!

Some moms working the score table - Sonya, Deiadre, and Starlet

It's my ball and you can't have it!

I'll get it guys!

And put it back up for a nice reverse

Another inbounds - this one will be long

Another lay up

This one only because it is the two Alexs on the team and the two ladies at the table behind them are their two moms - neat coincidence!

Alex grabs another one

And back up he goes

Nice jump ball!

OK guys...

Alex shoots some free throws

Let's go!

Great season so far - more to come!