Alex is 14!

Alex turned 14 years old on December 8th.  He asked for a banana split dessert for his cake, so we couldn't put the candles on it very well (whip cream just won't hold them up!!) so we stuck all 14 candles into an apple for him to blow out!

With the candles that close together he better be able to get them all!

Delicious banana split dessert!!

Then it was time for presents - Alex seems to think he might know what is in this one....

He was right!!  Plus some other good stuff too.

Now it's time to see if that basketball really works.  Dad is at the other end of the room...

Yep, it passes and it dribbles, so I guess that will do it!

Alex's best birthday present is being able to say he is the tallest member of our family now!  He passed Amanda early in the year, then passed Mom a few months before the birthday, then even passed Dad by just a short time before his birthday.  What an accomplishment...

Happy Birthday Buddy!!