Portraits of the Kids

We realized it had been quite a while since we had pictures made of the kids, so since there isn't really a place to have it done easily over here, we decided to try it ourselves.  We went to the forest near school and walked around for a couple of hours, choosing spots to take pictures and having some fun along the way!  Under each picture is it's file name, so if you want a certain picture emailed to you in a larger size you can tell me it's name.  Here are some of the results -

Alex 6

Alex 18

Alex 22

Amanda 8

Amanda 11

Amanda 12

Amanda 16

Amanda 17

Casey 5

Casey 9

Casey 20

Kids 3

Kids 5 - yes, Alex really is that much taller than Amanda now!

Kids 14

Kids 15

We took around 100 pictures today and these are the ones we think are the best - it was fun since we were roaming around the forest on such a beautiful day!