Alex Moves Up to Junior Baseball

Junior Baseball is for 13-15 year olds, so being 13 Alex is one of the young guys this year.  He had a great time playing with the older guys.  You can see one of his coaches out in the 3rd base coach box (Coach Tony) - his other coach was his dad again.  Yes, Curt coached both teams, but stayed with Casey's when there was a conflict since this team had two coaches and her team only had him for the official one.

Alex played left field a lot - being younger for one reason, and also because he can really run that ball down.  One game he made an awesome double play - caught the fly ball for one out, then threw to second to get the guy who has left the bag without tagging up - way to go!

Alex batted near the top of the line up every game - he could usually get on base and ran them well (and listened to the coaches on when to run and not most of the time - that seemed to be a rare talent!).

Alex heads to third while the pitcher (his name is Jemlock) tries to make the play

Alex heads for home on a close play - you can ask him what happened, it was pretty controversial!

This game Alex got a chance at short stop - even with a wide throw he was able to get back to the bag for the runner to be out!

Alex is stealing second here

In one of the last games of the season, Alex asked Coach Tony if he could try pitching.  He had done it last year some, but from a shorter distance.  This year they play the full sized field - 90 foot base paths and 60 foot pitching distance.  So he was given a chance - he faced 5 batters - struck two out, two got hits, and one walked.  He did awesome!

Could those legs be much skinnier and not break??!!  During baseball season he passed Sonya in height and by the end is about caught up with Curt....  One day he will stop growing up and start filling out. but not for a while we think!

Good season Alex!!