Casey at the Bat

Casey's baseball team - all the boys and her!  She finally got Dad as her coach and was thrilled to have him!

Her teammates are - Coach Toru, Adam, Jared, David, Paulo, Gabriel, Coach Curt

Andrew, Casey, Taichi, Joao, and Lukas

Casey's favorite field positions this year were second base and catcher

Scoring a run for the team while Coach Curt watches

Casey had a absolute blast at catcher - except once!  There was one pitcher on the team who could really (and I mean really!) throw hard - none of the boys wanted to catch for him and Casey kept saying she would do it, so in she went.  We told her to stay square so if she didn't catch it it would at least hit her in the equipment...  So she did just what she was told and had an inside pitch bounce off the palm of her glove and hit her right in the side behind the chest protector!  She cried and had a nice mark, but stayed in there and kept catching for him with no more trouble.  It was a really hard thing for her to do, but she did great!

Great season Casey!!