Christmas Cookies!!!

As is our tradition, we set out to make lots and lots of Christmas cookies again this year!  We happened to do it on a day that kind of looked like Christmas was approaching - we had lots of frost that morning.  Alex and Sonya took some pictures of the frosty back yard for fun.  We all worked hard baking cookies.  This year we had purchased specaloos molds at a bazaar - they are a traditional Dutch/Belgian cookie - so we decided to give them a try.  The recipe that came with them actually says that if your dough sticks in the mold it's because you have floured them wrong (yep, it says wrong - very encouraging!), so we did that on the first one just so we would know what wrong looked like!  It was a fun day!

Alex and Casey picking the dough out of the specaloos mold - we had obviously done it wrong!

There, that's better....

What nice looking windmills!