ISB School Photos 2007

Here they are - the ever popular SCHOOL PICTURES!

Amanda is now in 11th Grade at ISB - that's what they call it here, they are not juniors!  As always she is doing fabulous and having a great time!  Look around on other pages to see what all the kids have been up to, both at school and out.

Alex is SOOO happy to be in Middle School!  It's 7-9th grades here, so he had to wait a year longer than all his classmates back in Colorado.  He is doing an absolutely amazing job this year and we are so proud of him!

And here is Casey, already a 4th grader and about to turn 10 (the whole family in double digits - oh no!).  She is loving her class this year.  You will see in her class picture below that she has two teachers again this year - it's awesome that they can have them both full time!