Curt at the Overijse Golf Club

Curt went to play a round of golf at his club - The Overijse Golf Club - one afternoon, so Sonya decided to go along and take a bunch of pictures to show him golfing and the course he plays on as well.  So here they are - lots of pictures of Curt and the course!  Curt recently shot a 9 hole round of 40, so his game is really showing some improvements!  There is one type of interesting tree on the course so I took a picture of it to show you - it's branches look like a long pile of those little plants we call hens and chicks back at home!  There are several of them around the course.  There are also a bunch of ducks, so I got a picture of one for you to see - it's got some interesting coloring.  Here goes - Enjoy!