ISB Junior Math Team

Fantastic Finish in Bonn!

The ISB Junior Math Team went to their annual competition in Bonn, Germany in March.  They took two teams and one alternate on the trip.  Thirty three international schools brought 189 kids making up 63 teams for the competition.  WOW - One ISB team (Young Hyun, Sam, and Amanda) finished in 2nd Place!  The other ISB team (Kyung-Hee, Oscar, and Taewoo) finished in 4th Place!  AND, the alternates get grouped together for teams, and Zach's grouped team finished in 16th Place (amazing since they had never met before that day!).  Individually, Taewoo got 3rd Place, Young Hyun got 5th, Sam got 6th, and Amanda got 16th!  All seven of the ISB kids finished in the top 20% of the field.  Mr. Fielding is their teacher/coach/advisor and should be commended for a fantastic year with the kids!  The ISB Senior Team went to Vienna to compete and they finished 1st - something for these kids to aspire to in the coming years!  Mr. Fielding was kind enough to give us pictures of the competition and awards - Amanda took the pictures of the sites around Bonn.