Easter at a Friend's Home

Some friends of ours hold an annual Easter Party, so we got to be included in the festivities!  There is an egg hunt of course, followed by the making of the egg-catching contraption (one per family - Help! we have too many engineers on our team!!!!), and the egg toss competition, along with lots of good food and great people to talk with.  We had a lot of fun - come see what we did!











What a way cool backyard to hide all the eggs in!  We heard there were over 1500 eggs for the kids to find - have no idea if they found that many all together or not.  Each one of them did have a lot though...











Our family built this egg-catching contraption.  One thing we missed in the directions - a member of the family is supposed to hold the contraption and help it catch the egg, but we built it to sit on the ground and do all the work on it's own.  In our first attempt you can see that one side brace gave way and the egg is falling out to the side, so Amanda set to work to revise the project and came back with a successful catch the next time!  The eggs were dropped by the mom of the family hosting the party from her second story balcony - she had her eyes closed so Amanda had to line it up perfectly to make it work.  You can see the safely caught egg in the basket.  We got kudos for the best designed contraption from many people!











In the egg toss, Casey convince her Daddy to be her partner (how did she ever get him to agree to let her throw eggs at him???!!!) - the egg is not breaking on her, she is just really scared that it will!  Alex was partnered up with another guest named Alan - they were out so quickly that we had to have Alex pose for a picture!

































Amanda's partner in the egg toss was Amanda - amazingly enough their last names are extremely similar as well and they each have a brother named Alex....  They are not in the same grade at school, so this is the first time they had met.  Anyway, the two Amandas started out really well and came out the winners of the egg toss - an amazing feat considering how many times they dropped their egg (note the egg in the pictures - behind her, rolling down her leg, never being caught!) but it didn't break!  It finally broke all over the other Amanda's hands when they were tossing it around after their win.  "Amanda's Egg" is the egg that was caught successfully in the egg contraption and was also tossed around by the two Amandas after their win without breaking.  Our Amanda felt the need to bring it home....

We had a really fun time!