ISB Elementary School Basketball Team

The ES basketball team had a great season this year!  Alex (#5) was lucky enough to be one of the 15 kids to make the team (almost 40 tried out) and he really had a super season.  He had twice a week practices at 7 a.m. (not so great for any of us!) and games over the course of 3.5 months.  Our team traveled to Luxembourg and teams from The Hague and Amsterdam came here, along with some local Brussels teams and some from military bases as well.  Seven of these kids were chosen to represent ISB at a day long tournament against some schools from nearby here - Alex was one of them!  They got to miss a whole day of school to go and play 5 games almost back to back - it was quite a day for them.  They got third place!  Alex finished his season on a super high-note:  He was chosen Most Improved Player by his coaches!  The pictures here are mixed up from all season, but they all show his hard work.  In the second picture you see Alex and a teammate with a large guy in a green shirt - they played another tournament against teams that were made up of 5th-8th graders (they are all 5th and 6th) and Alex had to guard this big guy!  He did a great job, kept the boy out of his game and frustrated the entire time, got thrown around a lot and took two charging calls when the guy ran over him as well.  It was really fun to watch his hold his own against such a large opponent!


















































































Alex gets his Most Improved Award from Coaches Lori and Mike Ball