Poetry Awards

Amanda entered a Poetry Contest put on by a British poet, Mike Smith, and a local English bookshop called Nicola's.  She was in the 11-14 year old age group (entries were due before she turned 15) and she got third place!  Some of her friends from school were in the next age group up and also got into the top 3.  Good job to all the kids!  Amanda's poem was a sonnet (14 lines with a specific rhyming pattern) she wrote for English class - she did not give it a title, but the contest people decided to call it "Bird":

One day a bird sat in a little tree

And sang with all his heart: he was jolly. 

Along came someone with a large trolley;

They got in the seat and pulled out the key

And started it up; they reached for the wheel,

Driving at the tree they sped along quick,

Picking up speed, they tossed up a stick. 

And the bird looked at what they would steal: 

He noticed it was his own little house,

So he went right inside and looked all around,

Picked up his food, clothes, and his pet mouse,

Stood on the window ledge and saw the ground,

And he flew right on out, not looking back;

For behind he heard a horrid crack.