Springfield Stoneman Sprint Triathlon

Alex did this triathlon last year, this year both he and Curt are going to race!

Curt and Alex setting up in transition

Alex goes out on a warm up run

Curt also does a warm up run

Alex and Curt ready to race!

Alex prepares for the swim - the water is not too cold

Curt waits for his wave to start

Alex gets in a laugh before he starts

Alex's wave is off

Curt's wave is in the water

Curt's wave is off - he is in the blue toward the middle

Curt in the swim

Alex out of the water and off to transition - his swim time was 14:21 - 47 seconds better than last year!

Alex goes out on his bike

Curt comes out of the water - he knew this would be his hardest event and it was - it took 29:29 and he is wiped out but not ready to stop.

Don and Judi walk down the dock on the left - Judi was about ready to jump in to save Curt!

After a short rest in transition, Curt goes out on the bike

Since this event takes place in Springfield, Abe Lincoln is always on hand for the day.

Alex comes back from the bike ride - finishing in 36:03.  That's a bit slower than he had hoped for but he's still doing fine!

Alex gets out of bike gear and ready to run

Alex off on the run - he's pumped and ready to go.  That guy in the yellow was well ahead of him at transition and he's already passed him.

Alex coming to the finish - his run time is 21:35, definitely slower than he wanted but he had to stop for a cramp for a few minutes along the way.

Alex's overall time is 1:14.07 - good for 4th place in his age division and 54th overall (and over 8 minutes faster than last year!).  His only regret is that he had bet Grandma Judi that if he got in the top 50 she would have to quit smoking - so close!

Curt comes back in on his bike while Don cheers him on.  His time here was 45:14.

After another short rest in transition, Curt is out for the run.

And here he comes back while Casey films his finish!

This was Curt's first sprint distance triathlon and he completed it in 1:49.35 - not what he had hoped for time wise but he finished it.  So proud of him for doing it!