Aventure Parc - Wavre

While the boys are away, the girls will play!  Curt was back in the US, Alex was gone with Boy Scouts, so Sonya and the girls decided to head to Wavre for the day to try the Aventure Parc there.  It's a ropes course that takes you way up into the trees - up to about 40 yards above the ground.  We had an absolute blast and spent the whole day there!

Casey (top) and Amanda climb up to get started on the hardest course, named Commando.

Casey walks the ropes

and then Casey goes across the wall.

Amanda follows behind Casey (the other person in on another course - the park has 4).  Sonya went on all the courses with the girls, but sat this one out the second time they went to take pictures.

Casey on the shorter zip line.  She looks relaxed and comfy!

Amanda on the shorter zip line.

Casey crosses the bridge.  When we started the course the teach you all about your equipment - gloves, suit, zip line attachment, and carabineers - and show you how the signs work so you use each piece safely and properly.  Each connection is double hooked, so when you are taking off one carabineer to re-hook to the next connection you still have one hooked and only when the first in connected to the next apparatus do you then unhook the second one and move it so while on each apparatus you have two carabineers hooked up at all times.  This was one of the few places in Belgium we went were it really was safety first!

Amanda crosses the bridge.  They also have you start with the easiest course and work your way up to the harder ones.  At the harder ones they have staff at the start who make sure you have completed the lower level courses and are using your equipment properly before they allow you on to the next level.

Casey on the swinging logs - this one was hard!

Amanda on the swinging logs.  We surprised the attendant at the hardest course, who let us on the first time with a little skepticism that we 3 girls could do this, by coming back not once, not twice, but three more times to do the whole course over and over again!

Sonya comes down the long zip line on the Commando course - it was about 150 yards long!  And it was awesome!

Amanda on the Black Course

Casey on the Black Course

This is just a shot of the parc - you can see all the people in all the trees having a blast!

This was the Tarzan swing - about 75 yards from platform to the cargo net you swung into at the other end.  It was amazing and Casey loved to yell Geronimo on her way down!  You can see Amanda on the log bridge coming to the Tarzan platform.

Then Amanda does the Tarzan swing.

Casey on that really long zip line - she loved it!

Amanda on the long zip line - she loved it too!

And Sonya on a zip line.

We spent about 7 hours in the parc - had a picnic lunch there and just went back around and around on the harder two courses until we just got too tired to go on any more.  The attendant kept asking "Are you back again??!!" each time.  He also told us that since we completed the Commando Course (the hardest course at the park) we are now officially Commandos!

PS - It really is called Aventure Parc - I didn't spell that wrong!