Grotte de Lorette

Alex, Casey, and Amanda as we start our descent down into the 65 meter deep cave that is the Grotte de Lorette in Rochefort, Belgium

Inside the cave was beautiful, with all kinds of cave formations - some we had seen before and others were new to us.  We went down a series of staircases to reach the bottom of the cave.

The guide called this formation a "drapery" - they were extremely delicate and beautiful!

This is a macaroni - hollow tubes!

At the lowest level you are in a chamber that is 35 meters high called the Sabbath room - here they turned out all the lights and then had a light and music show in the vast space!

This is at the top of the Sabbath room - it goes 35 meters down into the dark right there...

The hillside outside the entrance to the cave.

An old castle ruin just across the valley from the cave.

We had a nice visit out today - the prison and the cave and driving around the Belgian countryside!