Gevangenis Tongeren

Tongeren Prison is Belgium's oldest prison, having originally opened on the site of a monastery in the 1800's.  It closed it's doors in the spring of 2005 when all prisoners were moved to a new prison.  It then became a museum, which is now closing as well.  We came to see it during the last week it will be open.

Casey, Amanda, and Alex coming out of the visit rooms - this side is where the visitors went in, the prisoners were on the other side behind glass.

Amanda, Casey, and Alex in one of the cells.  Originally each cell held one prisoner under the reasoning that the isolation would cause remorse, but after WWII as many as three prisoners were in a cell (the third bed is under the bunks and was pulled out at night).

Some of the cells were set up in strange ways as part of the museum - this was the Cell of Reflection, so we used the all around mirrors to take a picture of the 4 of us.  There are also cells of Imagination, Despair, Hope, Remorse, Reaction, Freedom, and Fear

Amanda, Casey, and Alex try living behind bars for a few moments.

Sonya does as well.  It was an interesting place to see!

In a park just across the street from the prison was a small animal farm - this cute little deer was having a snack as we prepared to get out our picnic.

This big guy was trying to show off his dominance while we had our picnic - he was chasing all the other animals around and teaching them who was boss of this pen...  Maybe he didn't like being in prison so much....