Scottish Highland Games

In Hoeilaart, Belgium??!!

Each spring the Scottish Highland Games are held at the local park in the next commune over from us - Hoeilaart, Belgium!  All the Scots speaking Dutch come out in their clans and compete for an afternoon of fun and games!  Sonya and the kids went to watch for a bit this year...

This is the log throw - you guessed it, they throw the log as far as they can!  It has to flip over end to end when they toss it for the longest throws.  Alex stood there saying he could do this easy!!

We called this the barrel hold - this guy was very casual with his feet, but he did hold it a long time!

I'm sure it has another name, but we called it the suitcase race - those are concrete blocks he is carrying around and around as many times as he can!

This little Scottish band was playing - imagine our surprise when the lady on the front right playing the bagpipe waved to us!!  She is Alex's advisory teacher, Mrs. McCuaig!!!

We liked this team because many of them had blue mohawks - we cleverly called them the blue mohawk team!

This guy is trying to throw this cylinder of concrete up and over a rope (like a high jump bar) suspended about 4.5 meters over his head...

The big event seemed to be the tug of war - seems like it would be hard in a kilt!!

Don't step on your kilt!

These kilts were long and looked very hot!

We were only there about an hour, but had a great time watching something we have never seen before!  Amanda seemed to like it most of all, maybe because she is into throwing heavy things at track....