Parc Cinquantenaire and The Royal Military Museum

One day during the winter break from school, Sonya and the kids went into the city to see Parc Cinquantenaire and The Royal Military Museum.  The "triumphal" arch was built by King Leopold to honor Belgium's 100th birthday in 1930.  It has great views of the city once you get up on top of it!  The Military Museum is housed in some buildings just to the side of the arch.  We were pleasantly surprised by the museum - it's huge, it's free, and it's full of great stuff!  We only saw part of it and can't wait to go back and see some more!  Here are some of the views we saw and some of the things from the museum -

The two statues above made us think of Denoy (Sonya's brother) since he loves to hunt deer and the kids call him Uncle Bear!

Alex, Amanda, and Casey with a Sherman tank

We liked this tank - it is cute and little and we thought it looked like it has two R2D2's on top!

Casey loved this ship!

This is the aviation room in the military museum - too cool!

The view away from the city from the top of the arch.

Looking toward the city - we liked the statue on top of this building!

This is King Leopold's tricycle....

What a fun day, can't wait to go back and see some more!