Eurospace Center

We can't say that the Eurospace Center was the most exciting place we have ever visited, but we learned a lot about the ESA (European Space Agency) and what it does in conjunction with the US and Russian space agencies.  We learned that the ESA launches it's rockets from South America (from a French colony there) - that seemed kind of odd!  Amanda says she learned a lot and had fun listening to all the new information.  The other two would have preferred more of a hands-on type atmosphere though.  It was very interesting to hear about the US programs from a perspective outside of the US!  While it seems Europe is thrilled to be helping out the US and Russia, especially on the International Space Station, the point here was to make sure we all learned that Europe is making advances as well - it's not all about the big boys! 

This teeter-totter is the coolest one ever!  It goes up and down AND spins around as well.  The kids all took turns then we put Amanda and Alex on one side and Sonya and Casey on the other (those weights actually worked out fairly evenly....) and took a spin that way.  It was the best teeter-totter ever!