O is for...


A sight to be seen all over the city all year long - the Omlegging (or sometimes wegomleggin...).  Simply put it means detour and there are always lots of them!


Oostende is a coastal commune in Belgium - a common place for summer trips to a filled beach.  Obviously we were not there is summer!  In the fall, the beach is deserted, but we went to see the medieval fishing village and the remains of the WWI and WWII Atlantic Wall.


Our commune - this is the Overijse Gemeentehuis.  It is where the town offices are located and where we would go to renew our commune cards and get our drivers licenses and so on.  It is also where the grape museum is located.

The pond near the gemeentehuis in downtown Overijse.

This stone puppy sits outside the veterinarian's office on the Brusselsesteenweg, just waiting and waiting...

A sign near the downtown area letting us know where to find the library, swimming pool, sports stadium, and cultural center.


Orval is located in southeastern Belgium and is home to a working abbey that has been built next to the ruins of a much older one.  The monks here make beer as they do in most abbeys and these also make some fantastic cheese!  We bought a chunk of it while there and had a picnic with it and some bread and fruit during our visit.

P is for...