How to Make Chocolate Chip Cookies

Here is a description of how to make chocolate chip cookies. The recipe is almost the same as the one on the back of the Nestle chocolate chip bag, but with a few differences. The main difference would probably be that we don't use that brand of chocolate chips, and use a local Belgian brand instead, because we can't buy them here and the Belgian ones taste better! Also, I have rearranged their order of putting in ingredients. You don't need to have a reason to make the chocolate chip cookies, but I made them on the 4th of July, for no reason other than it seemed like a good idea, and Dad always wants them. Since that isn't a holiday here, they are just everyday cookies. Making cookies is not a very exact science, but I will put fairly exact things here.

To make the chocolate chip cookies you first must gather the materials, here is a list of necessary things:

2.25 cups flour

.75 cup each brown and white sugar

slightly less than 250g butter

2 eggs

1 tsp. each vanilla, salt, baking powder

chocolate chips

a big bowl and a little one

2 spoons, a fork, and a knife

a teaspoon and a .75 cup measuring cup

a microwave and an oven

2 baking sheets (one would work, but 2 is faster)

Cut off about one tenth of the 250g of butter, and chop the rest up, put it in a bowl and microwave it for 51 seconds at 1000W. Then stir it until it is melted. In case you ever wanted to know, you transfer 1000*51=51000 joules of energy to the butter in this process, which is enough to raise its temperature by some amount, but I didn't measure, so I don't really know. You could use this as an experiment to find out the specific heat capacity of butter though. If it's not melted then you should put it back in the microwave.


Now you should add both kinds of sugar. It doesn't matter the order, but there should be .75 cup of each of them. Then it should just be stirred together, but that generally works just fine. In Belgium there often seem to be little dark colored things in the brown sugar, but I just leave them there, and they seem all right. Also interesting is the fact that different packages of brown sugar are different colors of brown, so when you put them in the sugar jar you can make pretty things that look like sand art, but are really just sugar. Be sure not to mistake sand for sugar though, it probably wouldn't taste very good. Once they're stirred together they should look like the picture below and you should add 1 tsp of vanilla to them and stir them together. The vanilla often smells very good, and is supposedly one of the reasons the cookies taste good, but I'm not quite certain it is the only thing. After the vanilla you have to add the eggs, one at a time to the mixture. This is VERY important. I don't know why, and I haven't been able to figure it out, but if you put in both eggs at once then the cookies have a different texture and it isn't as good. Of course, you might prefer it, but I don't and Dad doesn't and since he is the Chocolate Chip Cookie King, we should listen to him. I will just put one picture of putting eggs in here, but remember to put in two, and to stir them as cookies would look odd if they were never stirred. This is a neat picture, as the egg is in mid-air. Once it's stirred it still looks almost the same as before, but has a few more bubbles. The flour is put in next, 2.25 cups of it. When stirring it is likely to almost fall out unless you are careful or have a big bowl, but it will all usually stir in if you do it long enough.




Once it is stirred in you just need chocolate chips to finish the batter. I used 3 100g bags of chocolate chips, from a box of 4 100g bags. I think that the chocolate chips are probably more important than the vanilla in making it taste good, as I mentioned earlier, but maybe I am wrong. Here is a picture of adding the chocolate chips:


Then you can put them on the sheet and cook them. Of course one could eat the batter raw, but I don't think that is a good idea, because then you could get food poisoning and die, but if you cook them you kill the germs which cause it, or are supposed to. You should drop them onto cookie pans using two small spoons in a 3 by 4 array, though technically this doesn't matter. They are cooked for 8 minutes, and then removed. I heated the oven to approximately 180 degrees Celsius, but it doesn't have exact markings so I am not sure exactly. I think the recipe says 350 degrees Fahrenheit, but our oven only uses Celsius. Here is a picture of the tray and cooking.

Then you can just put them on the table, or the counter, or wherever you like to cool while you use the tray for more. This time the batch made 68 cookies, though it has made between 63 and 72 in the past. Here are two pictures of the final cookies:

Then of course you can eat them. While they are being cooked you must protect them from all cookie eating creatures, whether they be the Chocolate Chip Cookie King or Cookie Monster, as they look nice and are easier to count if they are all in nice rows. I don't recommend eating them like Cookie Monster though, as he seems to just slam them into his teeth and make a mess. Also, most people aren't big blue preschool TV show monsters, and would prefer not to act like one. I have never met any that are, but that doesn't prove that there aren't, as they would be using inductive logic incorrectly which is not allowed because of TOK.

Below are some pictures of the Chocolate Chip Cookie King, and Cookie Monster.







The Chocolate Chip Cookie King is better at eating cookies than the Cookie Monster.