Musee-Memorial de la Bataille de Normandie

This museum in Bayeux had tons of information about the D-Day battles.  Above you can see the basic routes of the troops from England - we thought it was kind of strange that France is on top and England on bottom since a map would normally have them with England to the north and France to the south!  You can see from it that Normandy is a protected area and that is one reason given for choosing it after the attempt at Calais (seen over to the left where the two land areas are closest together) failed since the Germans rightly believed that is where the Allies would try to land.

Amanda got lots of information for her possible project ideas here, but again there was not much to take pictures of and we learned after taking several that we were not supposed to be taking pictures at all...  One of the museum people came and told us to stop...

So here are the few we have -

They had a Caterpillar Bulldozer on display!

We got these shots of the bulldozer just before we found out about the no picture policy, so we were lucky!

This museum (and the one in Caen - I forgot to mention this) had a film about D-Day with some actual footage and some recreations.  All the films were amazing and really helped you to understand the overall significance of the day and of each small part of it!

We could have taken pictures of the tanks and other large pieces on display outside, but it was still pouring rain as we left, so we decided that was enough for day 3 of our trip and headed back to the hotel before dinner!

Tomorrow we invade the beaches!