Caen Peace Memorial

The city of Caen built this museum as a Memorial to Peace.  It gives a lot of history detailing the time between the two world wars and why the peace established after the first one failed to hold and allowed the second one to happen.  It was fascinating reading!  We spent several hours here reading about all the different doctrines and meetings and seeing pictures of them, but there wasn't much to actually take pictures of ourselves.  Here are a few -

Amanda by a US jeep

Amanda reads some of the history and takes notes for her project.

Casey with this wedding dress - it was made from a parachute for a wedding that took place shortly after D-Day!  A different museum had a full, complete parachute and made note that it was one of the few that remained intact as the locals used all of them that they could find for materials for clothes and anything else they could use them for.

Amanda liked this radio used by the French resistance - it had to be hidden in a spinach can so the Germans wouldn't find it!

This museum was a fascinating read, but we had more fun at the others we visited!

Oh, it's located on Dwight-Eisenhower Esplanade.  The number of streets and squares named after Americans here is amazing!