Fishing in Roodhouse

Grandpa Terry and Edith have a camper down at Lake Roodhouse, so we took one hot day to try our luck in the lake and spend the day out there together.  It was way too hot for the fish to be out, so we only caught a few little ones, but we had fun being together, playing cards in the camper, and hanging out!  Curt shows his style in the first picture.

Casey gives it a go

Grandpa Terry helps Casey get  her line out

Amanda contemplates the meaning of fishing...

Casey shows off her casting style...

Grandpa Terry demonstrates how it's done

Look, Sonya caught a whopper!

Uh, Alex, that's not a fish...

Casey caught this one all by herself!

Alex shows what he can do

Edith gives this spot a try

Terry and Sonya try it the easy way